Participate in our monthly challenge and compete against players from around the globe!

The Guitar Challenge Academy was built with these principles in mind


It is important to surround yourself with the right people! This is why this community was created by and for people having same interests, but different problems and questions. Let’s learn and discover together.


You feel lost and demotivated? Shhhh.. that’s totally okay. The competition element we have here will keep you motivated and focused. You’ll have monthly goals that will kick your lazy ass.


You can ask your questions and they shall be answered. This platform gives a lot of possibilities to store and share the wisdom that some have acquired over multiple years of continuous grinding.

Tired of wandering aimless and not making any progess?

The goal of this community is to give you some perspective, motivate and challenge you!

Modern Approach

It is a shame that there have been no leagues for guitarists in the past years, like in sports or in gaming. We love gaming, challenges and a healthy portion of competition . Collect points, climb up the ranks and gain respect by reaching the top 10.

Connect With Active Guitarists

Let’s be honest – there is a bunch of talented f**kers out there and every of them has something interesting to share. But damn, it’s difficult to reach everyone! We are giving  you a chance to expand your network by getting in touch with ACTIVE musicians.

Get Attention

Join the community, get help and start learning new things. Get better until you are so good that people will have to check you out. Share you experience and make the community a valuable place for other aspiring guitarists.

First participants:

Are we the only ones, who noticed, that when it comes to teaching all eyes are on beginners? With a certain skill level, it just gets harder to find the right lessons! We want to change that 🙂

There are  3 difficulty levels, so it doesn’t matter what your level is

Take part in reaching the common goals, record and share your results and climb up the ranks.

How does all of this work?


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