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     Felix Tröbinger 
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    for some reason I’m not able to participate in the acoustic challenges. It just says “Registrations are closed for this event”. Is that a bug or is there a reason for this?

    (Btw is this the right place to post these things? :p )

     Souhaieb El Azizi 
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    Oh good that you noticed…I misconfigured the event. I shouldn’t work after midnight lol
    I think it is okay to put the topics in the forum as it is easier to read imo. You registered yourself to the Lead Challenge, was that intentional? Cause that wintersun solo is unreal 😀

     Felix Tröbinger 
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    Lvl: Total NOOB

    ah okay, good to know! 😀
    yeah, i will try but it really is on another level… and i thought Fermented Offal Discharge was hard^^ :p

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