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     Souhaieb El Azizi 
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    Hi guys!
    I want to share the topics I am working on right now, so you get an idea about what is happening 🙂
    -Landing page: As you can see, there is no information about the purpose of this website/community. I want to change that with a landing page. It will contain the main idea of this community and helps with getting into it.
    -Rewards: I have a reward system going but it need some more work. A badge concept needs to be created-
    -Songs: I will fill the challenge page with some challenges, duh 😀
    -League and ranking system: I already made some basic configurations but it obviously needs more work.

    What is new?
    09 April 2017:
    -Added an experience system!
    There are 10 Levels:
    lvl Total Noob: 0
    lvl 1: 10
    lvl 2: 21
    lvl 3: 44
    lvl 4: 93
    lvl 5: 195
    lvl 6: 408
    lvl 7: 858
    lvl 8: 1801
    lvl 9: 3782
    lvl 10: 7943
    Ecperience formula is: previous lvl xp + previous lvl xp + (previous lvl xp/ 10)
    Current xp gaining events:
    -New Profile Activity = +2xp
    -New Profile Avatar Upload = +2xp
    -New Profile Cover Upload = +2xp
    -New Friendships = +5xp
    -New Comment = +1xp
    -Favorite Activity = +1xp
    -New Private Message = +1xp
    -Finishing a noob challenge = +50xp
    -Finishing an intermediate challenge = +75xp
    -Finishing a pro challenge = +100xp
    Experience badges are still missing tho…Will do this at the end when the badge-style is set

    06 April 2017:
    -Player profile in the ranking now refers to the community profile.
    -New acousitc challenge page.
    -A counter on the challenge pages
    -3 Types of reward points (vPlecs/Community Points/GCA Experience) – Will right about them on the landing page or in a FAQ page.

     Souhaieb El Azizi 
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    Hello fellow guitar maniacs!
    I did a “small” change in how I want to handle the update notification…I’ve put a changelog page together, where you’ll find all the new changes 🙂
    The respective changelog that explains more

     Johannes Ambs 
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    Wow, that sounds very promising !

     Souhaieb El Azizi 
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    I am working very hard to get it where I want it to be at the moment 🙂 Do you think I should notify users per mail if I drop some changes? Probably…right?

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