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    A landing page seems to be a great idea! I feel like there could be more info about how the site is supposed to work.
    This might be very basic but I am not sure atm if the users come up with their own individual challenges which they share online while others mentor/support their efforts, or if the challanges are a collective activity with a guiding video made by you (haieb).
    I think it holds great potential either ways ! 🙂

    Here is another thought: It seems like recording yourself (ideally via video) will be an important part of the community. Maybe there should be a section with tipps and help concerning that process. I’ve personally only recorded myself twice (audio only) and had help both times. Of course i could stop beeing a lazy ass and do some research of my own, but i think it would be a coherent part of the website.

    Thats all, sorry for my mediocre english! Enjoy the weather 😀

    • Very good points! The landing page will give a basic idea of how this website will work which might not be enough, so I am thinking about an info page like you suggested 🙂
      I am not sure if letting ppl do individual challenges, that will somehow count in the ranking system, will be fair for the rest of the participants. My original Idea is that anyone can suggest a songs that might be picked by the admins/moderators. If it gets picked it will be an “official” challenge and everyone can work on the same thing, which will help the community to have a common goal.

      Yea, recording yourself with the video will be essential to participate in the ranking system as you have to prove that you can play it. So I think it is a good Idea to have a place for that topic. You can totally be lazy! 😀 That is the part where we can help each other and build a community where we share out knowledge 🙂 I will open a group for that and might put a free lesson or some informations for that inside of that group. Thanks a lot for the contribution. Input like that is essential to build something like this!

      Sorry for my mediocre english too 😀


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