• How is it going guys? Any progress with the challenges? Sorry if I am not that active right now…I am working on getting the word out by collaborating with other YouTubers 🙂 I hope we can get more ppl that will hopefully get this community going! Any Ideas how we could spread the word? @felix-trobinger @johannes-ambs @grant-kennedy @sondre-giaeve…[Read more]

    • Just came back from a festival, but now it’s back to practicing 😉
      Have you posted the site to some subreddits to spread the word? I was thinking of r/metalguitar for example.

      • I did on r/guitar but it didn’t really get any attention 😀 r/metalguitar is on my list 🙂 Downfall is way harder than it looks like! Also just started a few days ago and it will be hard to pull this off in a few days^^

    • Hey man. I’m still working on Bleed. I was thinking that there should be some kind of reward for progress. Encourage people to share as they get a riff or lick down. It would create a lot more traffic as people are sharing often and would take away the need to share things once they are PERFECT (that’s a bit scary you know?) Maybe give bonus…[Read more]

      • Good points, I thought about this but I wanted to keep it simple…I will think about a concept for that! Yeah rewarding the progress sharing is a really good idea! Gonna put that in. The problem I am having is that it is a bunch of work and I am alone doing all of this while trying to push YouTube. I couldn’t even finish my own challenges xD…[Read more]

  • A new acoustic song that @sondre-giaever suggested was added! Thanks for helping out!