V0.5.2 – The Changelog Update


I disliked to edit my forum post to update the user on what changed. The user doesn’t get notified when I just update my post, which is not really optimal.

There is a new changelog page, which you can access from the footer. Next to it you’ll find the current version number.


Filter activities:

The activies are kind of a mess right now. I did some changes to filter out some displayed activities. Might need to take out even more.


Landing/Info page placeholder: 

I create a placeholder for the landing and Info page. The landing page is chosen dynamically by the status of the user. So if you are not logged in you’ll land on the new landing page and If you are, you’ll have the challenge page as a “homepage” 😉


Other small changes:

  • Changed to PHP 7 – A small speed boost
  • Link color is new -> This is a link
  • Minor text fixes 😀

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