V0.6.1 – The SEO Update

SEO? The horror of everyone who wants to rank in Google! Search Engine Optimisation is pretty important, because you want people to find your shit. Did some basic SEO and the site is indexed now, which means that you can google it if you forget the link ;P

I also did some minor changes:

  • The points on the profile header are readable!
  • New pictures for the rhythm challenges
  • New picture for ranking
  • Made the ranking table look better for desktop
  • Removed the other ranking tables for now, but they could be interesting when we have more users
  • Renamed register to Sing Up
  • Enabeled GZIP compression

I also implemented some basic “newsletter” functionalities so the user will get notified if a change happened or a new song was added as a challenge etc. This is currently in test and you shouldn’t receive anything yet! The update to 0.7.0 will let you know about that.


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