V0.7.0 – The “Spam me!” Update

I hate spam! Whenever I sign up somewhere, I get a ton of mails and the first thing I do is to unsubscribe 😀 To not do the same, I have put some thoughts into how I want the newsletter to be. Newsletter is not the right term and the mails are more like updates and announcements, which should benefit the user. I know that everyone has a different understanding of what is spam, so I made it configurable. There is a link in the footer that will lead you to the configuration or to the unsubscribe page.

There are groupings in the mailing list and they are devided into 2 group types:

  1. Genre group
  2. News type group

In the genre group you can select the genres you are interested in and you’ll only get notifications that match the genre(in case a new song will be added mid month – see point 2 below).

The news types determine what kind of announcements you want to receive. We have 3 at the moment:

  1. Changelog: You’ll get notified about all the changes made on the platform – Like this one!
  2. New songs added: This will be beneficial for you in case I add a song in the middle of the month, that you would miss otherwise.
  3. New challenge reminder: This will go out once a month to notify you that new challenges went live.

It could be that I will change or add something, but I will always notify you in the changelog newsletter! 😉


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